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Sayulita Clarity Alternative Therapies

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Contact Information

Owners: Angela Wieland
Mexico Telephone: (52) 322.779.5923
Email: Sayulita Clarity Alternative Therapies
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Sayulita Clarity Alternative Therapies


 "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein



- Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy taps into the vast power of the sub-conscious mind to eliminate blocks, change unproductive patterns and habits, and reframe painful memories, to foster growth, freedom from the past, and becoming or having whatever you want. In essence, it can empower you to take back control of your life to realize your full potential and greatest desires.

- Build Confidence and Self-Esteem
- Overcome Fears and Phobias
- Eliminate Unwanted Behaviors/Addictions/Habits
- Smoking Cessation
- Weight Management
- Relief from Insomnia
- Manage Anxiety and Stress
- Love the Child Within
- Resolve Intimacy and Relationship Issues
- Increase Motivation
- Allow Creativity to Flow
- Calm and Clear the Mind
- Move Beyond Negative and/or Repetitive Thinking
- Clear Core Beliefs
- Release Old Trauma
- Unleash Healing Power
- Manage Pain
- Regression Therapy/Past Life Regression
- Dream Work/Parts Therapy

- Life Coaching

Life Coaching provides a supportive atmosphere where the client is encouraged to examine (self limiting) thought patterns, tendencies, and behaviors which stand in the way of personal goal attainment and overall satisfaction/happiness in life. We each know our own truths. We just need to look inside to find the answers. I can help you do just that.

- Relationship Issues
- Personal Growth
- Professional Concerns
- Motivation Building
- Obstacle Identification/Removal

- Toe Reading

Toe Reading is based on the principle that the body physically records the story of our life in the toes, registering the internalization of past events, upbringing, thought patterns, emotional tendencies, beliefs, perceptions, and spiritual leanings. The toes change as we do, and offer an up to the minute snapshot of who and how we are, through which we may discover patterns and be exposed to new perspectives and opportunities for growth. Pairs fabulously with life coaching.

 - Destiny Cards Life Path and/or Compatibility Reading

Utilizes an ancient mystical yet scientific, amazingly accurate system to reveal future as well as existing opportunities, challenges, and overall trends for any life period.

The same system can provide a practical guide to relationship compatibility, communicating the connections and personal dynamics relative to any two individuals.




Angela Wieland is a Certified Clinical and Transformational Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Master Toe Reader. She received her training from the nationally accredited and top ranking Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She also graduated with honors from Portland State University.

Angela believes in the power of the treatments she uses, having benefited from them firsthand, after years of finding herself repeating unproductive patterns, which were helped very little by traditional therapy. Being all too familiar with mental and emotional pain, but finally realizing it is not only possible, but essential to move beyond blocks from the past, she felt compelled to learn these techniques to help others transform their own limiting beliefs and unfulfilled potential to realize their greatest good. It is possible to release the past's hold on the present, and the time is now.
Hailing from a small town outside Portland, Oregon, she went on to live in New York City for a decade before relocating to the Southwest desert, prior to her move to the jungle and beach of Mexico.

I provide a complimentary 20-30 minute consultation to answer any questions or address any concerns, to discover if I am the right fit for you and to determine which kind of session is most appropriate. Please contact me to take advantage of this offer.

Travel to nearby cities (Bucerias, San Pancho, Punta Mita, etc.) can also be arranged.


Angela Wieland
CHt, Certified Clinical & Transformational Hypnotherapist, Life Coach
Master Toe Reader, Card Reader, Associate Polarity Practitioner
Clinical Internship Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS
BS Business Administration/Finance

Testimonials - Please visit Sayulita Clarity Website for more.

I had the privilege of receiving a hypnotherapy treatment from Angela Wieland. My intention was to learn about an alternative healing art to help with personal growth and to remove belief patterns not serving me. Angela seemed very knowledgable and eager to create the most effective experience for me. The session was extremely relaxing and I found her voice and presence very soothing. I felt my session with Angela was a great addition to the personal work I do with other therapies and given the opportunity I would like to expand on my experience with future treatments. 
Tess H, Sayulita
Who knew there was such a thing as a "Toe Reading"? We found Angela in Sayulita and realized that it was meant to be. Our entire travel group all enjoyed readings from Angela during our vacation, and it was absolutely amazing. Her caring & thoughtful demeanor provided many different insights. She is a gifted soul who found her calling. I would highly, highly recommend Angela.  
Brad, Minneapolis
Hypnotherapy was a wonderful part of my time in Sayulita…a beautiful surprise! I came to Sayulita looking to surf and relax, and spend some time out of my day to day life to recover from a recent death in the family. I learned, by surprise that my neighbor, Angela, was a hypnotherapist. We started doing 2-3 sessions a week, and it was a very wonderful and profound experience. Each session was both soothing and emotionally opening, and we would talk at the end of the session about what direction to go with the next. We worked on forgiveness, letting go, grief, and self love. I’m so happy this work became a part of my journey!  
Catalonia, Brooklyn NY
This is a must have service! My experience with Angela’s toe reading was incredible. Her method is thorough, professional, thoughtful, and stimulating. I came away from the session clear, empowered and really connected with myself and my answers and path. This is an absolute must for anyone!  
Shannon, San Pancho


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Contact Information

Owners: Angela Wieland
Mexico Telephone: (52) 322.779.5923
Email: Sayulita Clarity Alternative Therapies
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