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San Pancho Spay and Neuter Clinic

Contact Information

Name: Judith Anderson
Telephone #1: 311-258-4101


The San Pancho Spay and Neuter Clinic is a service provided by various San Pancho residents dedicated to the cause of fixing San Pancho's cats and dogs to prevent an increase in strays.





To gather donations and to bring in visiting veterinarians and supplies to provide seasonal spay and neuter clinics and medical services for local San Pancho pets and strays, to both decrease stray population and increase quality of animal life. 








At the Fall clinic last Thanksgiving, 70 animals were neutered over the span of 3 days!








  • Betty McIntyre (; 311-258-4105)
  • Barbara Kirkwood (; 311-258-4315)
  • Judith Anderson (; 311-258-4101)
  • Irma Curiel Avila (; 311-258-4245)








Volunteers and donations are what make all of this valuable work possible.









"Please keep in mind that our work does not end when we pack up the clinic supplies. Going forward, we will tend to the needs of sick and injured animals, provide spay and neutering for animals that did not make it to the clinic, and in some cases, provide food and medicine for dogs and cats at risk. The more donations we receive, the more work we can do."