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Steve Cooper, Roberto’s Bungalows
I decided to advertise with because we had been advertising Roberto’s Bungalows with for several years and the guarantee that he gave us was great. So when came to town it was a no-brainer for us. There are several benefits we get from advertising with you; we can touch base with you at anytime and knowing you are there in San Pancho if we have any questions is very reassuring. You always have a smile on your face and are willing to help immediately. We have more then made our money back while advertising with you and that takes the guessing out of the equation. My expectations of have been met with flying colors and it's been a pleasure doing business with you. We will definitely continue advertising our two family casas, Roberto's Bungalows and Bungalow Bill's with you for years to come.

Barbara Kirkwood, Casa Obelisco
We decided to advertise with because the success is guaranteed--if you don't book at least the amount you paid, they return your money. We've been advertising with for a long time and it has been money well spent--so why not give this a try? So far, so good. I'd much rather pay a flat fee (especially knowing it is guaranteed) than pay a commission for every night someone stays here. Besides that, there is no one steering people toward certain rentals--the customer gets to decide based on how well you showcase your offering. I think anyone who has a rental house in San Pancho should give it a whirl. Although we had a web site, one of the things can do is help you construct your own personal page on their site to highlight your house. One of the benefits is that you can run a report showing exactly who came to you through way you know for sure your investment was a good one. More and more people are signing up for the weekly newsletter, La Voz de San Pancho, and the buzz is sure to generate some new business.

Ned and Patricia Modica, Casa El Izote

We are very pleased with our experiences with SanPanchoLife.....nothing but positive. We have been fortunate to receive several rental inquires through the web site which have developed into firm rental contracts. Our guests have been very pleased with the home and our little Mexican paradise here in San Pancho. Your weekly newsletter, La Voz, has been a much anticipated Friday event. The news of the town and town's people are outstanding. We have especially enjoyed the featured articles on the local businesses and updates on the street construction. Keep up the great work,


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1. 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE: Receive our services RISK-FREE for one whole year!

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6. The Best: is San Pancho's MOST comprehensive website providing ALL available San Pancho vacation, rental, and real estate, and business information.

7. Repeat Visits: Potential clients visit multiple times in order to make informed rental/purchase decisions.

8. Control: Owners remain in complete control of prices, taxes, dates, discounts and availability.

9. Calendar Included: Your valuable time (or Inbox) is never wasted with conflicting date requests.

10. Support the Village of San Pancho Mexico: Your advertising dollars help San Pancho Life promote the general welfare of San Pancho as a whole.


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