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WALKING / HIKING in and around San Pancho Mexico:

Around San Pancho hiking is confined to a pleasant stroll along the main beach, a walk along the river, or following the Las Palmas road past the Costa Azul resort, around the headland and along the coast. Unfortunately beach access and views along such a path are very limited due to private property restrictions along the coast. Paths and trails striking off into the jungle are also few and far between and usually lead to private property. Creating your own path is not acceptable, as this will only increase the damage to the ecological environment.

Nonetheless, the hikes between town and the outlying beaches can be full of adventure and offer the opportunity to see birds and wildlife since the road passes through jungle.

  • One nice option is to walk the dirt road that goes behind the hospital (at the end of Calle Africa) in the direction of the beach. This path will lead you behind the private golf course grounds where it is green and quiet. From there you can either go up a road into a neighborhood of beautiful villas, or go down until you are put out onto Calle Palmas near Costa Azul and walk to the beach.
  • Or you can follow the dirt road until it hits with America Latina and either take that left past the Las Olas development into town, or right towards Calle Palmas and Costa Azul.
  • Another choice would be to walk on the other side of town, to the old riverbed. Ask for directions, and you can be led to the museum ruins that look quite fantastic in the jungle; or follow the river to the lagoon/estuary and watch the birds.
  • And of course walking all through town is most likely the best way to get a feel for the town’s character and to meet a local personality or two.

Caution: If you do set off for a hike you should use common sense and take a few precautions.
(1) Tell someone where you are going.
(2) Carry water - 3 liters for a day (take water!  Sports & energy drinks and sodas will actually dehydrate you, and warm Gator Aid tastes foul!) Suggestion -  freeze a bottle of water overnight and wrap a towel around it when you set off and you will have cold water for later on. Take frequent sips rather than infrequent big gulps.
(3) Take some food.
(4) Carry a medical kit; if you do not have one collect together sun block, aspirin, a bandage - crepe/elastic preferably, antiseptic cream, bug spray, a whistle – to attract attention in an emergency.
(5) a small flashlight would be a good idea.
(6) Wildlife – encounters with animals will be rare, but snakes, scorpions, land crabs, insects and bird life are all around. Do not touch or feed wild animals, some are dangerous.