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San Pancho horses and horseback riding

A horseback tour is an ideal way to experience the serenity and biodiversity of the San Pancho jungle landscape. The slower pace and higher perch of riding horseback allows for every exotic bird or hiding iguana to go noticed. What is so wonderful about San Pancho and the other coastal Nayarit destinations, is that here is where the verdant Sierra Madre mountains and jungle magically meet the stretches of white sandy beaches and the Pacific ocean. There is no better way than riding horseback to idyll between both settings, and let the sound of the crashing waves move into the sound of chirping birds and animal calls.


For setting up a horseback ride during your stay, the Costa Azul resort has a stable of well-trained, calm horses and offers two excursions a day. In the morning a 2 -hour jungle ride departs at 8 a.m. (cost $350 pesos) or a 1 hour beach ride leaves at 4:30 p.m. (cost $250 pesos). Also, tours are sometimes offered from the beach by locals, so it is good to ask at the restaurants there for what tours they might offer. To experience an other variety of paths, vistas, and wildlife, tours can also be arranged in neighboring towns like Sayulita or Lo de Marcos.


Yet perhaps more-so than in the other towns, in San Pancho it is possible to become more familiar with general Mexican horse culture. On a daily basis, more than one typical “charro” or cowboy can be seen on town streets, riding horseback either transporting materials or merely as a means of transportation suitable for the cobblestone streets. This horse culture, with the “charro” as its emblem, is still very much alive today and part of the traditions that are at the heart of San Pancho, Mexico.


Another horse-related activity that truly only San Pancho has to offer is the polo field near to the entrance of town. As another great example of remarkable cultural fusion in this small Mexican town, here the polo traditions of England and Argentina make an unlikely yet beautiful contrast to the wild jungle landscape in the background. At the field there are polo matches and lessons, as well as an elegant restaurant providing fine drinks, dining, and entertainment. The La Patrona Polo Club is a must for Saturday nights during the high season and for experiencing yet another unique and interesting facet of San Pancho!