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San Pancho Internet:
-For computer access, there are a few internet “cafés” scattered about town. The going rate at the internet cafés is usually around $20 pesos an hour.

-Also, the majority of San Pancho vacation rental houses provide phone lines and wi/fi.

-And if you are bringing your own laptop or PDA, the principal restaurants/cafés tend to have wireless Internet, for which they can give you the password.

San Pancho Payphones:
-Payphones use “Ladatel” phone cards that can be purchased in the majority of the Mini-Super Tiendas or at the Telmex store next to the bridge at the entrance to the village.  When purchasing, make sure to ask for public phone cards. Cards come in values of $30, $50, or $100 pesos. Calls to the United States or Canada are $5 pesos/minute, and the fee varies for other countries. Take Note: Phone cards sold in the US or Canada rarely work here in Mexico.

-(For perhaps better rates and audio, in the neighboring town of Sayulita there are various options for placing international calls. The Telcel store just over the bridge at the entrance of town has “cabinas” or booths where you can make private calls at a fixed rate. Various other locations such as internet cafés or tourist offices have phones that they lend out for international calls.)

San Pancho Cell phones:
-For some USA/Canada cell phones, service in Mexico will need to be arranged prior to arrival in San Pancho. International roaming fees are also exorbitant.

-For those planning perhaps a longer stay, a great option is to purchase one of the cheap cell phone models (around $20 USD) sold for instance at Telcel locations or Oxxo minimarts in Puerto Vallarta/Bucerias/Sayulita etc. These cell phones are pay as you go and can make and receive international calls. Before leaving San Pancho you can donate the cell phone at Entre Amigos where they will distribute them to families without phone who can use them for emergency calls.