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No one wants to think about an emergency situation, but it's better to face that possibility than to be caught unprepared. Whether you are a resident or visitor, the best time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens, so we have put together a list of important phone numbers so you will have them at the ready when you need them.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Police and Fire Services:

Dial 066 from any standard landline (all home and office phones, phone booths, etc) It is answered in Puerto Vallarta, but they dispatch out from Bucerias, Valle de Banderas, Jarretederas, etc. It depends on the need for service, such as police service, fire service, medical service, etc.

Dial 080 from Mexican cell phones. (Dialing 080 will NOT work from U.S., Canadian, or European cell phones). Please dial 01-329-291-0049 from foreign cell phones. Program this number into your cell for any emergencies. This call goes directly to the office in Valle, 24 hours a day).

To report suspicious activity in San Pancho, please dial 045-322-141-5994.

For Ambulance Services & Hospitals

San Pancho’s hospital has 24 hr. emergency facilities. Tel. # 311-258-4077

OR from Puerto Vallarta

first dial 322 then ………

Ambulance Services

Red Cross Ambulance: 222-1533

Cruz Roja: 226-1014

Global Ambulance: 226 1014


Puerto Vallarta hospitals:-

Ameri-Med Hospital: 226-2080/221-0023

Cornerstone Hospital: 224-9400

San Javier Hospital: 226-1010

Medasist Hospital: 223-0444

C.M.Q. Hospital: 223-1919/223-0878



US Consulate- Nuevo Vallarta - Kelly Trainor (322) 222-0069 or emergency 24 hour line (Guadalajara Consulate) (333) 268-2145  

Liaison for US Consulate (Sayulita) - Heather Murray 322-141-5994 cell.

Canadian Consulate- Puerto Vallarta - L. Benoit (322) 293-0098 or (322) 293-0099  24hrs. 1-800-706-2900


Credit Card Companies:

AmEx – 322-223-2955

Mastercard – 01-800-366-3100

Visa – 01-800-706-6600


Other Important Phone Numbers

Motor Vehicle Dept: 224-8484

Consumer Protection (PROFECO): 225-0000

Immigration Office: 221-1380

National Telegraph: 224-7970

Electric Company (CFE): 071

Water Company (SEAPAL): 223-1516

Municipal Services: 223-2500

Tourist Protection: 223-2500

Policia Federal de Caminos (Highway Patrol) 221-1065 / 221-1527

Ministerio Publico: 222-1762

Animal Protection: 221-0078

Wake-Up Service: 031