Alianza Jaguar

Alianza Jaguar-HOJANAY Environmental Group

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Eric Saracho


The Alianza Jaguar/HOJANAY “Hombre Jaguar Nayarit” is an environmental group that works toward the conservation of the jaguar and its habitat, while trying to involve the community and spark social participation.


HOJANAY’s objective is to conserve and restore the health of the jaguar populations in the Sierra de Vallejo and Nayarit region by helping to maintain biodiversity and providing environmental services and education.


Investigation applied to Conservation

Monitoring the jaguar population
Monitoring jaguar-livestock ecology
Monitoring the current situation of the jaguar in Nayarit     

Environmental Education and Promotion of Conservation

Radio spots and highway signs
Publication of the Voice of the Sierra and other magazines
Talks with students and community in general

Community Support

Technical assistance with productive community projects
Encourage Sustainable Development in the South of Nayarit and the establishment of networks for sustainable development in the Mexican Pacific
Workshops on handling of water, forests, and jungles


Creation of NAYAGUAR, the ejidal sanctuary for the conservation of the jaguar

Promotion of the Sierra de Vallejo jungle as a Biosphere reserve.

Preservation of the Nayarit jaguar and its habitat 


“From the Olmecs to the Mayas, the Jaguar was the pilar of [Mesoamerican] civilizations. A history of which, as Mexicans, we are very proud.”

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