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San Pancho Birding Observatory´s multidisciplinary conservation strategy integrates education and capacity-building, community development and conservation science.

Education and capacity-building:

Our commitment to education is at the heart of our organization.  Through our educational and capacity building programs, we inspire our communities and lay the foundations for long-term conservation. Our educational programs,including personal engagement, campaigns, workshops, conferences, festivals and informative signs and materials, are designed to raise awareness amongst locals and visitors about the rich bird diversity of our region. Education results in capacity-building to develop the skills needed for local people to participate in ecotourism activities, land conservation practices and scientific monitoring.  We connect local people and visitors with nature and we share knowledge about tropical and migratory bird species. Our education and capacity-building relate “organically” to community development and conservation science.

Community development:

“To conserve birds we do not need birds to change their behavior, we need humans to change their behavior”,  this concept is key to bird conservation because it focuses on how human beings engage in nature conservation. Our community development aims to include as many people as possible in a common vision for bird conservation, either by integrating them as service providers for ecotourism, as donors or volunteers to our bird conservation programs or as birding tour clients.

Conservation science: 

We aim to achieve the greatest possible impact on priority bird species and habitats within the context of sustainable community development.  We integrate research, monitoring and conservation planning to inform decision making for sustainable natural resource management.

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