How do I pay with Bitcoin?

  1. Select the desired property and send us an email to confirm dates and availability.
  2. Mention in the message that you’d like to pay in Bitcoin
  3. We will contact you and carry out the process.
  4. Congratulate yourself that you are supporting the most decentralized and distributed monetary network ever created and promoting positive change in the world by opting out of easily censorable payment systems, controlled by the corrupt few.

Why do we care about Bitcoin?

Inspired by the circular economy created in El Zonte (Bitcoin beach), El Salvador, we are following their lead and adopting the same idea within our own community. We pledge to spend or donate every sat we make in our community, at local businesses and non-profits that accept bitcoin. We likewise encourage them to use those sats at other businesses that also accept bitcoin. In time we hope to see our circular economy grow and thrive here in San Pancho and Sayulita.

“Inflation is probably the most important single factor in that vicious circle wherein one kind of government action makes more and more government control necessary. For this reason all those who wish to stop the drift toward increasing government control should concentrate their effort on monetary policy.”

“I don’t believe we shall ever have a good money again before we take the thing out of the hands of government, that is, we can’t take them violently out of the hands of government, all we can do is by some sly roundabout way introduce something that they can’t stop.” – Friedrich August von Hayek

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper

From Robert Breedlove’s essay, Bitcoin Is Hope:

In the world today, the rules of money are bent and broken to favor a few cantillionaires at the expense of everyone else. This has the consequence of sucking hope out of society, since no matter how well citizens run their personal or business affairs, they are perpetually pushed further off the path of progress to their valued ends. In life, progress feels the best, and hope for more propels us forward. Central banking inverts hope by causing a persistent regression of civilization through the distortion of price inflation.

No matter how productive society may become, or how many problems its entrepreneurs may solve, central banks steal vast swaths of economic surplus by imposing “positive price inflation” through fiat currency counterfeiting at scale. Further, and more devastatingly, these proceeds stolen from entrepreneurs are increasingly used to fund police states and perpetual warfare worldwide. The dishonest money we use today is asymmetric, and we are all victims of the most colossal fraud in history. Truly I tell you, inflation is most accurately described as any or all of these five malevolent acts:

  1. Theft
  2. Taxation without Representation
  3. A Legally Enforced Injustice
  4. A Violation of Natural Law (Inborn Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property)
  5. An Act of Moral Turpitude

Fiat currency supply inflation perpetually plunders the economic surplus of productive people, no matter how hard they work. Always turning up the treadmill of inflation to outpace the real economy’s productivity gains leaves people utterly hopeless. Debasing currencies forces everyone to fight their economic battles uphill on an ever-steepening slope: costs keep rising, wealth disparities keep widening, and laws keep convoluting. Inflation is toxic to truthful pricing, the natural environment, and virtue-seeking. Without accurate prices, relevance becomes more a matter of dictate than discovery. By siphoning away people’s private property rights, incentives to care for the Earth and its many diverse ecologies are broken, leading to mass pollution. And since value is more easily gained under a fiat currency standard through political positioning instead of problem-solving, deception is rewarded, and development of virtue is largely abandoned. Modern civilization has come so far in so many ways, yet inflation remains as our prime impetus to despair.

When you come to see the truth of fiat currency— a game with ever-shifting rules designed to disfavor those already dispossessed in the socioeconomic hierarchy—it becomes clear why its victims are constantly drained of morale and all hope for a more fortunate future. Central banking is an economic tyranny: a top-down bureaucracy built on lies and theft, built to maximize the value of its shareholders at any cost; it is a monopoly that enriches itself by depreciating our money.