Born in the heart of Europe, Vienna, I come from a family of classic painters. Everyone around me was an artist, which I believe shines through my images.

People often say I make them feel comfortable and at ease in front of my camera which is crucial to getting those natural, genuine images that will make your eyes light up every time you look at them.

When I shoot Real Estate I take my time and care a great deal about the small things. I make the spirit of a place shine and having great lighting equipment, I can fill even the darkest corners with light and color.

For weddings & events my  photography style is called Candid.Shooting candid means most images ARE unposed, natural, capturing you, just the way you are in the moment of that “click”. (AND I MAKE SURE IT’S A GOOD ONE!)

With Fine Art / Landscape photography  being my other passion, I also pay a lot of attention into incorporating the beauty of your chosen location into my photographs. After all, you’re having a destination wedding for a reason!

So, if this is the style you want to see in your photographs, I believe I’ll be a great choice for you, since this is what I do best on one of the most beautiful locations on earth.


Your house looks so much better in real life than in the pictures you have?

You want to show the whole room / area but your camera can only capture a part of it??
You’d love to show off your beautiful views but all you see it white glare behind the windows?
It’s a shame, isn’t it?
Real Estate Photography is tricky. Without the right camera, lenses, lighting equipment and post processing tools, even the most glamorous palace can appear poor, small and dark in photos.

Studying, practice and professional equipment made it possible for me to create images that will make your future guests and / or buyers fall in love with your property. I also think that details are important. A beautiful sink, an artsy piece of decoration, handmade pillow cases, or whatever it may be that shows the essence, the feel and characteristics of the property, I like to show it in my photographs for your customers to see.

Please feel free to contact me at any time for more information, pricing, and scheduling your shoot.

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