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Escuela del Mundo, San Pancho Montessori co-op

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Name: Glades Huizar

Escuela del Mundo is a Montessori-based school in San Pancho with an emphasis on community and humanitarian values.





The School is dedicated to providing a unique education opportunity for the increasingly unique and diverse community of children and families in San Pancho.


This non-profit parent cooperative-run kindergarten and elementary school in San Pancho is committed to an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to learning the Montessori Method universal studies such as yoga, meditation, music, environmentalism and the arts.




Escuela del Mundo offers and innovative educational experience while stimulating both the child's academic, artistic, and social development.





Thanks to generous financial contributions and successful fundraising efforts on behalf of the school, Escuela del Mundo offers scholarships to about 10% of its student population, sponsoring students of Mexican origin whose families are long-time members of the San Pancho community.





"Escuela del Mundo's vision is to build a strong learning foundation that targets the full potential of each child. We need to unite as a community in order to provide the resources necessary to support this vision of wholeness."

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