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Mujeres Por Amor a San Pancho

Contact Information

Name: Iris Rodriguez

 Somos un grupo de mujeres en acción para hacer de nuestra comunidad
un mejor lugar donde vivir y donde vacacionar.

We are a group of women in action to make our community a better place
to live and to vacation. 


Mujeres Por Amor a San Pancho

Mujeres Por Amor is an organization of the business women in San Pancho working to make the community of San Pancho a better place to live and vacation.  This group is working to keep San Pancho clean and organized. They are working to support the sustainable growth and good development of San Pancho with the intention of creating the best quality of life for both residents and visitors to San Pancho.


Mujeres Por Amor raises funds to hire a person to sweep San Pancho's main street daily. They also support holiday beach clean-up efforts  and have been involved in many of the town's beautification projects.  Through their efforts last year, San Pancho's beach was reported to be the cleanest beach in Nayarit.   Mujeres Por Amor works to educate visitors to our town about the importance of pitching in to help keep San Pancho clean and beautiful so that we can all enjoy this special place. They also support the efforts of other charities working for the common good in San Pancho.    


Mujeres Por Amor is working to keep San Pancho the special place that we all come to enjoy as it goes through the inevitable changes that rapid growth in the area is bringing.  They are working hard now to maintain and beautify our village, while also working to create and bring about a vision for the best possible future for the community of San Pancho.  


Mujeres Por Amor will be holding it's annual fundraiser in April, with their canapes & wine tasting event.  This event also supports the aspirations and highlights the talents of San Pancho's culinary students. 


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