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San Pancho Music Festival

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Name: Chas Eller & Chris Parsons




The San Pancho Music Festival began informally in 2001, and by 2006 included some 116 performers.  The Music Festival attracts some of the most colorful musicians from around the world, including international acts from Europe, the U.S., Chile, Guatemala, France and Germany.  Regional talent has also been retained to include the traditional Mexican and Latin music of local musicians.


Traditionally there is no fee to attend, and performers are not paid.  Artists come because they enjoy performing in the intimate venue and magical surroundings of San Pancho.  Donations are encouraged, but there is no intent for the Festival to profit from the performances.  All donations fund the maintenance of the Festival sound and lighting equipment, often provided by volunteers.  Additionally, proceeds from sales of music and video CDs go directly to the performing artists.

The Festival maintains a philosophy  commonly shared by the village citizens:  they value and appreciate the cultural diversity and “grass roots” talents of  their  local and regional neighbors while  also embracing the talents of world-class musicians. It is a truly wonderful balance of amateurs and professional performers getting together for 3 days to share an unforgettable and enriching musical experience in one of the most beautiful regions of Mexico.

It is a simple philosophy:  it’s about sharing.  And a

magical village along the sea called San Pancho.

Interested in donating to San Pancho’s Music Festival?

It is contributions like the one you are considering that have allowed
the Music Festival to continue over the last 15 years. Raising
funds in advance of the Festival is necessary for offsetting
the many different expenses that are incurred during preparations
for the event.

There are two ways sponsors can easily contribute:

Chacala Cultural Foundation

The Chacala Cultural Foundation is a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization that accepts tax-deductable donations to the San Pancho Music Festival. Donations are processed online via all major credit cards, and also via PayPal. Your donation is processed securely and confirmation emailed back to you promptly. This is the most convenient way to financially support the Festival.  Click here to link to make a donation:  Chacala Cultural Foundation


At the Music Festival

Donations are always welcome during the 3-day event. Donation boxes will be displayed during the festival, and volunteers will occasionally walk through the audience to accept contributions. In the past this has been the primary way donations were collected. But funds are still needed prior to the event.

Thank you again for your interest in supporting the San Pancho Music Festival….


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