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Directions to and from San Pancho Mexico

Driving Directions to San Pancho Mexico from Puerto Vallarta:

Upon exiting the airport you have to make a right turn BUT you MUST immediately get into the left hand lane in order to be able to effectively do a U turn so as to be traveling north on Hwy 200. Follow signs for Compostela and Tepic. Initially you will be on a 6-lane highway which will narrow to 4 lanes and eventually 2 lanes. At the state line (Jalisco to Nayarit) there is a military/police checkpoint--don't worry--they are there for your protection and it is very rare that they stop someone.

 Five minutes beyond the State Line you will reach the small town of Mezcales (a set of traffic lights at a road junction) and then after another 10 minutes you will pass through the town of Bucerias. Just before Bucerias on your right, you will see a “Mega” “Comercial” supermarket where it is a good idea to stop to buy supplies and drinks if you plan on cooking because you won't find such a diverse selection at the smaller stores in San Pancho.   However, if you just need enough stuff to mix up some margaritas and grillup some quesadillas, please support the local businessesAfter Bucerias, Mex Hwy. 200 continues as a four-lane highway for a few more miles until the turn-off to Punta de Mita. YOU continue straight. The highway changes to a two-lane road, and heads up and over a series of hills in a winding and twisting manner with lots of curves. It's when we hit this part that we always, all together, say 'ahhhhh', as this is the most gorgeous stretch of jungle road on your trip as you pass through what feels like a tunnel of foliage. 






Watch for animals grazing along the road, slow moving vehicles, and cars passing each other. At Km marker 118 you will see a large overhead sign pointing left to SAN FRANCISCO (A.K.A. San Pancho). Turn here and you will go over a small bridge and find yourself on the main street, Avenida del Tercer Mundo, leading through town straight to the beach.


Driving Tip:  

There is no turnoff lane to San Pancho from the highway. When you approach the turnoff, pull off to the right shoulder of the highway, then wait until clear before crossing the highway to enter the village.







 Directions to San Pancho Mexico from Guadalajara

 The route is easily marked with plenty of public road signs to Puerto Vallarta. Head west on the toll hwy towards Tequila. Continue for approximately 2 hours until the turnoff to Compostela. Follow Hwy MEX 200 down the incredibly windy/curvy road to Las Varas and on ahead for another 40 minutes to San Pancho at km marker 118 you will see a large overhead sign pointing right to SAN FRANCISCO. Turn right here and you will go over a small bridge and be put out on the main street Avenida del Tercer Mundo leading through town to the beach.