Under Construction....

Our website, San Pancho Life has been quietly going through a rebirth of sorts.  We are now live with the new and hopefully greatly improved version of San Pancho Life.  We hope you will bear with us as we experience the growing pains of learning to navigate this strange new environment.  Change is always a little…ok, maybe a lot, unsettling, but hopefully we will all look back on this and say that it was worth the work and investment toward creating something better.   We hope the new San Pancho Life will serve our beloved community better, and we welcome any help and advice or ideas you might want to contribute.

We are also in the process of renovating our home in San Pancho. There comes a time when you decide take those daring and courageous steps to make your dreams into new realities.  It can be a terrifying time as you step into the void and let go of the past to reach for something better.  We are experiencing those first terrifying days of working to create a better life for ourselves in San Pancho.  

Dream Vs Reality. Change is good, right??? Hopefully someday soon our dream will match our reality.

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