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EntreAmigos Community Center, San Pancho, Nayarit

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What´s more empowering than education? 

Entreamigos is a Community and Educational Center working everyday to provide educational opportunities to local children and young people in San Pancho. We truly believe that education is the flagpole of the future.

Many families in town have to really make an extra effort to pursue education. Each school year all the parents get together and set weekly fees to cover some basic expenses like: toilet paper, soap, classroom supplies, art supplies and the salary of the person cleaning each day after the classes are over. Adding to this parents have to pay for school shoes, uniform, backpack, textbooks, etc; this can easily become very overwhelming economic wise.

Our Scholarship program looks to connect students that need financial support with Sponsors that change lives by giving someone the opportunity of education.  

Scholarship recipients are exceptional students with limited resources and the scholarship provides them with everything they need in order to stay focused on their studies: school supplies, art supplies, backpacks, uniform, transportation and many more things to assure that our more than 80 kids can write their future by their own.

Entreamigos runs other programs too! Like the social assistance program which provides support to students of very limited resources regardless of their academic ability, the entrepreneurs program, the volunteers program and more. Also in the afternoons we have several classes and workshops for free, open to everybody.

In our green facilities we run a recycling program for glass, cardboard and plastic from the town waste. With some of this material our women´s group makes jewelry and products that we sell at our gift shop as another way of sustaining our educational programs.

If you are wondering how to get involved…. There are a zillion ways to participate. We can always use an extra hand with our projects, we need teachers, goods for our second hand store ´Reciclashop´ and donors to support all of our free programs and services (Entreamigos is a nonprofit community development organization, a registered Civil Association in Mexico and a registered 501(c)(3) in the United States).

We invite you to visit us, take our tour and get to know the building, the people and the dreams we are making come true in San Pancho!


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