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Grupo Pro Sayulita in Sayulita Mexico

Get the Handprint

Houses showing the Grupo Pro Sayulita handprint have generously donated funds to help support this 100%-volunteer and donation-funded community group.

Homeowners please donate and receive your “handprint” of approval from Grupo Pro Sayulita (this is a seperate entity from SanPanchoLife.com.)

View the Grupo Pro Sayulita website or contact them today for more details.

Who Are We?
Grupo Pro Sayulita, A.C. is a duly registered and federally recognized Mexican non-profit association formed by concerned citizens, both local and foreign, to represent the needs of Sayulita. We are a non-political association committed to enriching the quality of life in our town. We represent the town’s interests while working with the Government to secure funding for local improvements based on Sayulita’s needs and priorities.
Mission Statement
Making Sayulita a better place for everyone to live and visit.
Our vision is to bring together the Sayulita community and to recognize and preserve the benefits of its cultural and ecological diversity while improving the quality of life in Sayulita.
How We Do It

Due to the relative newness of our association, how we accomplish our goals is constantly evolving.  Nevertheless, we’ve discovered that some things work better than others.  For example, we’ve found that what doesn’t work is for group leadership to take on all the issues and projects to try and accomplish everything.  This severely limits our possibilities and doesn’t acknowledge Sayulita volunteers who have a multitude of talents and interests.  We found that the way to get a number of important projects accomplished simultaneously is for individuals, who have special interests or skills, to volunteer as project leaders or team members.
When a problem is identified or a good idea for a project is brought up at one of our weekly meetings, we ask for volunteers to serve on a committee to explore ways to solve the problem or advance the project.  The individual committee selects a committee leader who reports back to GPS at our weekly meetings.  At the weekly meetings we find creative ways to support the committees.  Support could be in the form of direct funding, help in presenting proposals to appropriate authorities or just help in clarifying the issue.
Through our successes we now have reputation for keeping our commitments to the community and our partners in government.  Grupo Pro Sayulita’s assistance can be a great help in completing a successful project!