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Where is San Pancho Mexico? | San Pancho Life

Location of San Pancho Mexico

San Pancho sits on the Mexico Pacific coast 33miles (53kms) north of Puerto Vallarta, on the Riviera Nayarit

San Pancho Mexico Population

The town population of San Pancho Mexico is (approx.) 3,000 full-time residents. In high season, November-March, the population swells to close to 4,000 with the arrival of the northern snowbird population. San Pancho’s location is ideal.

Where is San Pancho Mexico on map?

For example, it is only a 3-hour flight (to Puerto Vallarta) from Southern California, or a 45-minute flight from Guadalajara. A first-class road connection via Highway 200 allows for an easy 45-minute drive to or from Puerto Vallarta, or an approximately 2-hour drive to Tepic (the Nayarit state capital), or a 4-hour drive to Guadalajara (the cultural capital). A new highway is being built between Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta that will reduce the driving time to 2 1/2 hours. It is scheduled to be finished in 2018. With excellent telephone and internet connections, the town, though it remains rustic, is hardly remote. 

The Village: Accommodations here sit on safe and quiet streets that are centrally located in relation to all town amenities and services. Due to the size of the village, all town locations are in walking distance to one another, as well as blocks from the beach. With a number of bars that have live music, town accommodations aren't exposed to nightly noise, but are integrated into the general rhythms of San Pancho daily life.

The Hills
: Overlooking the town from the East, the homes, villas, and condos in this area have majestic views of the jungle-covered foothills, the beach, sea, and sunsets. While they present a steep hike going up, these locations are still in proximity to the town, and are mostly easily accessible by way of cobblestone streets. Also, depending on precise location, Hills accommodations may be in close proximity to either one of two of San Pancho’s most chic and popular restaurants that are also nestled in different areas of the San Pancho hills. Accommodations in the hills provide privacy and often amazing views, while still being in range of the town.


Along the coast: To the north and east of town, the cobblestone road of Calle Las Palmas follows the pristine coastline miles. Above and along this road stretch a bounty of bungalows, villas, and mansions. Some are hidden in the lush tropical vegetation, and others have their own private beaches. While these accommodations are still in range of two restaurants located in this exclusive area, a vehicle would still be strongly recommended in order to reach this secluded area and also have access to the town. This area guarantees peace and the possibility to commune with nature rarely found in modern society.

The Beach:
The main beach of San Pancho is almost never crowded. The two seasonal exceptions would be Christmas and Easter time, but even then and for the rest of the year, the beach is almost empty. With pristine white sand, far-off green vegetation, and a fresh-water lagoon where birds and horses both come to refresh themselves, San Pancho’s main beach is real beauty. Without the usual traffic of vacationers and day-trippers, the expanse of beach is exceptionally clean and untouched. While the waters just out in front of the lagoon occasionally draw a few local surfers, mostly they are empty due to a strong undertow. While this fact has restricted the village’s appeal as a beach destination, it simultaneously adds to the attraction of the town for those discerning folk who appreciate the quieter and finer things in life. And if the sun has become too scorching, or you’ve reached a convenient pause in your book, there are still great beach restaurants at hand for a cold tropical cocktail or fresh seafood dish. It’s nothing short of paradise!

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