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Is San Pancho, Nayarit a Safe Place to Visit and/or Live?

Researching your Mexico destination before you leave home means you’ll be better prepared to explore the aspects of Mexico that drew you here in the first place. With headlines of drug cartel border violence making a strong presence in the news media, it’s understandable why some might question travel to Mexico. San Pancho is a world away from the U.S. border and the northern part of Mexico where violence is undoubtedly more evident in day-to-day life.

As you cross the bridge into the village of San Pancho you’ll instantly feel how far away you truly are from the drug violence and instead get taken in by the charm and tranquility of this small fishing village. As you drive down the main street you’ll be greeted with friendly smiles and an eagerness to help visitors whose patronage is essential to the local economy. With only approximately 3,000 people, San Pancho remains safe and holds no history of crime or violence.

Safety in San Pancho, Mexico

San Pancho is a small family-oriented town. Almost all of the residents know one another and children are well taken care of and kept safe. The local police force in San Pancho is on 24-hour patrol of the town and surrounding area; the duties of the policia turistica are to keep our streets and San Pancho beaches safe at night and enforce laws regarding drug possession and other crimes. The emergency number in Mexico is 911 in all of Mexico as of 2017. 
As in any city around the world, there is petty theft and other minor crime. The community of San Pancho has come together to help reduce petty crime and increase security in general, by looking out for suspicious behavior or activity and bringing it to the attention of the town’s residents and policia turistica as soon as it occurs. But take precautions and use common sense. Do not travel with unnecessary valuables and use provided safes in your vacation rental home. Close and lock all windows and doors when going out. And do not leave any valuables visible in parked cars.

So Is San Pancho safe?

San Pancho is safe. By using common sense and taking responsibility for yourself, your family and possessions, your stay in San Pancho will be a fun and memorable experience and you’ll be sure to return.

Here are our Top Ten Reasons why San Pancho is such a safe place to visit:

1) Small family-oriented village
2) Far from USA/Mexico border cartel activity
3) 24-hour police patrols
4) NO violent crime
5) Noise is kept to a minimum at night
6) Location: only one road in and out of town
7) No major hotel chains
8) Strong sense of Community
9) Streets are well-lit
10) Recently-developed community with little criminal history

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