San Pancho Music Festival

San Pancho Music Festival

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Held annually for 3 days during the last weekend of February, San Pancho’s Music Festival is one of the largest musical events in the region, helping to make San Pancho the cultural center of the Riviera Nayarit. It began informally in 2001, and by 2006 included some 116 performers.  The Music Festival features musicians from around the world, including from Europe, the U.S., South America, New Zealand and all parts of Mexico.  The festival features 27 bands on two stages the last weekend of February.   

The Festival maintains a philosophy commonly shared by the village citizens: they value and celebrate the cultural diversity and talents of their local and regional neighbors and embrace the talents of their visiting musicians from around the world. It is a truly wonderful balance of performers getting together for 3 days to share an unforgettable and enriching musical experience in one of the most beautiful regions of Mexico.

Ways to Donate

Interested in donating to San Pancho’s Music Festival?

It is contributions like the one you are considering that have allowed the Music Festival to continue over the last 20 years. What started as a backyard party has converted into one of the largest and most anticipated events in the area, fully funded by your donations.  While the festival works on a shoestring budget and depends greatly on the unpaid hours of the Festival committee and volunteers, expenses grow every year. This includes an honorarium for every musician, government permits, sound and lighting equipment rentals, design and promotion, food and drinks for the musicians, security, etc. The San Pancho Music Festival features continuous music by 27 bands over 3 nights . To see many of these bands in the area would cost $15 / MEX$300 per person to hear just one band.

Go Fund Me

Donate online using the Festival GoFundMe campaign.

At the Music Festival

Donations are always welcome during the 3 day event. Donation boxes will be displayed during the Festival, and volunteers will occasionally walk through the audience to accept contributions.

Thank you again for supporting the San Pancho Music Festival. 

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