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The following collection of San Pancho Mexico maps has been compiled from private sources and the Internet in order to provide a great map resource for the San Pancho and the local area. Click on any map to open a separate browser window.

Map of San Pancho, Mexico

Map showing locations of San Pancho Mexico vacation rental houses.  The map is interactive and house locations can be clicked upon to visit the actual house webpage that show additional details for the individual San Pancho rental homes.  Each of the individual vacation rental homes also has an icon that can be clicked to view its location in San Pancho. 

Satellite View of San Francisco, Mexico

This is an actual image of San Pancho taken by a satellite in 2018.  You can zoom in and zoom out of the image in order to get a closer look of individual houses and landmarks of San Pancho.  This is a great map for getting to know the area and how it lies in accordance with the local landscape.

Interactive Google map of San Francisco-San Pancho

In relation to all of Banderas Bay and the point with Punta de Mita at its tip. Photos for each location are also included, creating a great visual representation of all the fabulous day trip destinations to be found surrounding San Pancho. Even video links are included in the sidebar, making this map link a great source for any traveler hoping to get an idea of where they are headed.

San Pancho Beach, Nayarit

A very detailed map of all the many popular surf spots in the Bahia de Banderas area including and near San Pancho, and up and down the Pacific coast. The interior is also very detailed, offering a great visual of all the many small and historic towns that lie to the east of San Francisco and would be worth exploring.

More detailed surf areas closer to San Pancho

This larger scale map shows the exact location of surf spots in the Bahia de Banderas.  All of these surf spots are easily accessable by car from San Pancho. Also named on this map are the many great beaches besides San Francisco that dot the coast and would make for fantastic day trips or picnics.

San Pancho, Mexico map

Traffic-flow regulations now that the town is busier and parking is more scarce.

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