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Snorkeling in San Pancho Mexico

Because of the undertow along this part of the coast, snorkeling around San Pancho is not very practical. And yet, if the waves are small, you can actually walk to either the north or south headlands and drift there out among the rocks and snorkel. Quite a few species of fish do make their homes here.

One advantage to San Pancho's location is that many short trips can also be taken to other locations to further explore and discover the beauty of the undersea world.



For instance, Coral Island to the north and the Marietas Islands to the south are popular snorkeling destinations near San Pancho Mexico. There are some tours that leave right from the main San Pancho beach, or others that can be arranged at locations not far from San Pancho. For a wider array of options, Punta de Mita and the Riviera Marina near La Cruz are also nearby sites from which many snorkeling and sea tour companies make their departures. For more information check the Tours & Guides section.

The reasons why snorkeling in the Banderas Bay area is a great activity to include in your vacation are many:

  • ♦ the warm water temperatures preclude the need for wearing a wetsuit
  • ♦ there are many reef areas that host a wide variety of marine life and coral formations
  • ♦ experiencing the biodiversity of sub-aquatic Mexico is another great way to experience nature here
  • ♦ the bay's usually calm waters are perfect for families and/or inexperienced snorkelers/divers


Choosing which tour to go on usually depends on your group or family's interests and needs. Each snorkeling tour company often offers various other activity options, such as whale and dolphin watching or even scuba diving and spear fishing. Hiring a private charter is also a great option for special occasions or larger groups since all amenities are provided, and other unforgettable moments can be added on to your snorkeling adventure, such as getting off at a pristine private beach or cruising while the sun sets on the water. 

No matter which trip you end up taking, snorkeling is another fantastic way to explore every facet of a beautiful San Pancho Mexico vacation!