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 Shopping options & the San Pancho Tuesday Market

San Pancho offers an interesting selection of shops selling arts and crafts from all regions of Mexico. Local artists have opened galleries where jewelry designers showcase their one-of-a-kind creations or painters sell their pieces. A high-end shop might have elegant Mexican furnishings with which to decorate your new Mexican villa or take home as a reminder of the time you spent in San Pancho. Other shops offer lovely beach bags or cover-ups if you are coming from the snow and are looking for chic beach gear.

One note about San Pancho shops is that they often close for a few “siesta” hours in the afternoon. However, they reopen around 5 p.m. and often stay open until 9 p.m., allowing you to enjoy a relaxing time of browsing and shopping on your way to or from dinner.

For a less formal shopping set-up, Huichol Indians put up shop right in the beach plaza or “malecón”, and their meticulous and delicate beadwork designs are truly remarkable and a fantastic purchase. There in the plaza other artisans also lay out their goods, selling handmade jewelry or hand-woven hats or baskets that are real treasures of authentic Mexico. Wandering beach vendors also carry a wide array of silver jewelry, hats, and Mexican blankets, but they are not necessarily handmade in the area.

Other options for shopping can be found on a visit to neighboring  towns or Puerto Vallarta. A shopping trip to Puerto Vallarta, however, is for many disappointing. For one thing, the crowded streets and pollution can be a shock after the calmness and serenity of San Pancho. Also, the prices are much the same as San Pancho, while the selection does not increase much and the amount of artisan or handmade goods might actually decrease.

San Pancho Tuesday Market

Another great option for shopping is the Tuesday Market in the Plaza Principal of San Pancho. It opens at 10am and offers textiles, hand crafts, jewelry, organic produce and healthy prepared food items in case you’re hungry. It is under cover of a roof, so it is always shady and cool. There is always live music and it is a nice local scene. We love the Tuesday Market, and so will you!  

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