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The Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde is an environmental organization dedicated to the preservation of endangered Nayarit sea turtles.


In 1991, concerned that the local marine turtle population was soon facing extinction, a major conservation effort to protect the marine turtle was begun.


In 1992, the founding members of the group built the first turtle-hatching nursery. Other ongoing actions carried out by the organization include

♦Environmental Protection
♦Environmental Education
♦Ecological Record Gathering


In 16 years, the local turtle population has increased from 72 to 661 nesting females. These efforts have reduced the negative effects of growing tourism and development, allowing for the San Pancho beaches to retain a large part of what makes them so magical!


“As a first step, the Group acknowledges the importance of teaching the local children respect for nature, sound principles of preservation, and environmental accountability.”

During the summer and fall months you may enjoy a visit to the marine turtle nursery and take part in releases of San Pancho baby turtles! Normally the first hatchlings are released just after sundown.

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