Community Projects


San Pancho Life is dedicated to supporting the community and projects designed to better the town. Below are some note worthy community projects and centers always need continuing support.

Entreamigos (EA) Community Center: San Pancho’s local non-profit Community Center, initiated in 2006 to create opportunities for children and families that are defined by the foundational pillars of their work; education for everyone, stewardship of our environment and the importance of working in community. At EA you will find a wide variety of activities for all and many ways to get involved on a grass roots level. Services include a full library, indoor and outdoor playgrounds for the little ones, ping pong, board games and the best souvenir shop in town with all handmade recycled products!
Grupo Ecologico de La Costa Verde A.C. (Marine Turtle Preservation): Check in with Frank and his volunteers to see the Olive Ridley and Leatherback sea turtle Preservation Process and learn how you can get involved. They acknowledge the importance of teaching the local children respect for nature, sound principles of preservation, and environmental accountability.
San Pancho Animales (SPA): Their mission is to eliminate animal suffering primarily in San Pancho.They strive to provide education and veterinary services to shape an environment of care and compassion towards animals. SPA rescues animals and finds good homes and care for the animals. And they host free spay and neuter clinics for locals. They are always in need of donations, animal items (i.e. food, beds, crates), volunteering to foster or adopting would all be a be a tremendous help to SPA and the community. They are a registered tax exempt 501c3 so your donations are a tax deduction.
Pack for a Purpose: Whenever you, your friends or family are coming down, think about Pack for a Purpose and make your travels extra meaningful. You will have a big impact on San Pancho by simply using a small amount of space in your luggage to pack supplies needed for our community. For an updated list of needed items, please click here. Donations can be dropped at Entreamigos at Ave. Tercer Mundo #12 or San Pancho Rentals & Real Estate located on Calle Africa #12. Your donations go a long way!
Birding San Pancho Network: Now incorporated into the San Pancho Bird Observatory; a non-profit, grassroots organization based in San Pancho. They are dedicated to bird and habitat conservation in the southern Nayarit coast region. For tours and bird watching contact Luis Morales, Marine Biologist, Director and Founder of the San Pancho Birding Club.
Fabrica de las Artes San Pancho: Dedicated to training, experimentation, and the advancement of the performing arts. Check their website for health centered classes, artisanal workshops and courses.
Alianza Jaguar: A non-profit civil association with a platform of more than 10 years of experience. Their work has been aimed at ensuring the survival of the jaguar thanks to the efforts of an interdisciplinary team committed to the conservation of this species and its habitat. Their work has been carried out in the distribution zone of the Mexican Pacific, mainly in the state of Nayarit with emphasis on the protected natural area (ANP) of the Sierra de Vallejo, currently under the category of State Biosphere Reserve.